(new forum post): New web platform for Broad Universe – please update your BU website profile

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New web platform for Broad Universe - please update your BU website profile

Dear Broads,

The Motherboard is getting ready to migrate to a new web platform. 

As part of preparing for this change, we need to ensure that our database of Broads is up-to-date. That way when we move everyone's account to the new database, we know we have accurate contact information.      

Please help by logging into your Broad Universe profile and update your contact information and names. Please ensure your main email, your names (pen names, names used in face-to-face interactions,) address, websites, are up to date. We don't share your information EVER. This information allows us to better design services and determine where we might be neglecting Broads' needs.

To double check your profile, go to the upper right of this page, and click on For Supporters. Select Manage Your Profile from the dropdown menu. Then click on  Edit your account information. Update any missing or incorrect information and save.

Please log in and update your information by July 15! 

The new platform will improve many of the services we already offer -- including forums, public and Broad-only webpages, posts for new releases on our homepage, and biographies for each Broad. It will also make it far easier for us to communicate with each other, streamline our payment systems, have a membership directory, and allow us to offer a newsletter. There's also a number of "under-the-hood" improvements that will make the webmaven's and treasurer's jobs far easier. We will also be able to send emails to Broads in specific regions (another reason to have your address current). For example, if there's a convention in the Bay Area, we could email all Broads in California or in the Bay Area to see if anyone is interested in Rapid Fire Readings at that convention. 

To help us make some decisions on the website set up and content, Broads will be receiving a survey later this summer.

Questions? Want to help? Just email officers@broaduniverse.org.



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