Reach Book Reviewers

Wish you had a low-cost and easy way to reach book reviewers worldwide? Through Broad Universe you can! Broad Universe members and non-member authors can have their books posted on…

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Selfies From the End of the World

I’m proud to announce the release of a new anthology featuring a story by yours truly. Selfies From the End of the World is a collection of first person stories narrated by characters present as the world is ending. The authors have imagined a variety of characters and a range of ways to end the… Read More

Cali is out!

“Cali”, a lightly romantic fantasy adventure written by Trudy V Myers, is now available from Alban Lake ( This is Trudy’s second book to be published by Alban Lake, although the first was under the pen name of Linda Joy. Cali is an Atlan, a tribe Sidek had never heard of during his travels. After… Read More

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