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“Inner Demons” the new Urban Fantasy by Gloria Oliver has been released!

News // January 31, 2014


Tamara Williams had just settled down to a quiet evening at home when, one moment she’s in her apartment then the next she’s on a dark street with a set of headlights heading straight for her. Not only is she not where she’s supposed to be, but she has three months of missing time. Yet […]

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Broad Universe at Arisia Conference in Boston

Events, News, Special Events // January 17, 2014


Members of Broad Universe will be at Arisia this weekend (1/17-20). Friday night we’ll be hosting an open party in room 451, and our RFR (rapid fire reading) is on Saturday at 1pm in the Hale room. The RFR is a great chance to hear a sampling of work from our members! Other members have […]

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