Lancelot Is a Woman!



Lancelot: Her Story, a new novel by Carol Anne Douglas, tells the story of Lancelot as a woman in disguise. As a young girl, she fought her mother's rapist. Her father then raised her as a boy. She became the greatest fighter of them all. Hearing of a king in another land who battles for justice, she journeys to offer her services. What will she find at Camelot? A dream? A nightmare? Or both?


"Of all the Arthuriana I've read and loved, Lancelot: Her Story is right up top. It hearkens back to the galloping, castellated feel of Malory, and yet its twist speaks to today's audiences." -- Sherwood Smith, author of Crown Duel

"Lancelot: Her Story takes a place alongside Nicola Griffith's brilliant Hild in its highly detailed picture of life in medieval times. The story is both ingenious and suspenseful in its reworking the tapestry of medieval times and its endless wars through a feminist prism." -- Katherine V. Forrest, author of Curious Wine

Lancelot: Her Story is available in print and digital formats at Amazon.

New Release: Ennara and the Book of Shadows (Audiobook)

EBoS_ACX_cover_smallThe audiobook of Ennara and the Book of Shadows released on April 21 on Audible and Amazon. Narrator Tia Sorensen brings the middle-grade fantasy adventure to life.

Book of Shadows is the second in the Ennara series, middle-grade fantasies featuring a young girl and her friends as they each discover their own heroic powers. Angela Myron, the book's author, says she was inspired to write the series to give girls and boys a positive, strong heroine who must learn how to best contribute to her world. Themes in the series emphasize patience, perseverance, and integrity.

Reviewers of Ennara and the Book of Shadows say:
"Fun fantasy series that would be great for the MG crowd!" --Ashley Ferguson, Amazon Reviewer
"A wonderfully written fantasy story." --Steve White, Amazon Reviewer
"Ennara and the Book of Shadows was awesome. It's a magical, adventurous and fantastical read. There's more action than the first and it's packed with a whole plethora of magical creatures."-- Natalie @BookLoversLife

The new audiobook can be found at:

New Release: Change of Life

Change2_Art2Change of Life, the second book in the Menopausal Superhero series releases on April 21, 2016. Early readers praise the story for its tension and truly creepy villain.

The series is the brainchild of Samantha Bryant. Bryant says, "I'm writing this series for women like me: geeky and proud, but tired of superhero stories with no grown women in them."

Seeking guest posts about cemeteries

Deaths20Garden20cover001Has a cemetery touched your life? Is there a graveyard that you've connected with? Were you married in a cemetery? Have you visited one for a movie or poetry reading, a play or a musical performance? Have you ever made a pilgrimage to an author's grave?

Cemetery Travel is seeking personal essays that examine the ways in which a person can have a relationship with a cemetery. Essays should be under 1500 words and include a short bio with links to your books and social media.

Reprints are accepted. If you’ve written something lovely on your blog and wouldn’t mind it reaching the couple thousand people who subscribe to Cemetery Travel, please submit it.

The call for submissions is available here:

Questions? Contact Loren Rhoads at

Winner of the Jacquis Award

Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel was awarded the Jacquis Award by Legendary Women. JacquisBanner

According to the Legendary Women website, "The Jacquis is an award nominated by feminist readers and given to feminist authors — stellar penwomen who capture the lives of women in their pages. Women of all colors, creeds and backgrounds." This is the inaugural year for the awards program.

The author, Samantha Bryant, says that she wrote the book because of her own frustration with the superhero genre. "There are so few female heroes out there, and even fewer of them with fully adult lives, including partners and careers. I wanted some heroes I could really identify with."

Details about Bryant's book and the other award winners can be found on the award announcement: