Reach Book Reviewers

Wish you had a low-cost and easy way to reach book reviewers worldwide? Through Broad Universe you can! Broad Universe members and non-member authors can have their books posted on…

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Sexual Harassment and World Fantasy Con

Broad Universe is aware of the harassment and other unacceptable behaviors policy concerns of the 2015 World Fantasy Convention, in that it is too vague to protect its members from such conduct. Broad Universe does have a statement about whether or not we, as an organization, can support a convention that doesn’t have a clear… Read more →

Welcome to the Full Moon blog tour

Welcome to Broad Universe’s Full Moon blog hop. For writers of speculative fiction, the moon can be so many things. Werewolves and witches, bats and vampires – or romance and spacemen. The full moon is in the sky on the 27th of October, just before Hallowe’en. Ah, what inspiration. We’re excited to introduce you to… Read more →

Full Moon Blog Tour 25 Oct – 7 Nov

Broad Universe is excited to announce the Full Moon blog tour, offering you a selection of the very best speculative fiction. Whether your taste is paranormal, space opera, high fantasy, gothic horror or something else altogether, please visit the participant’s sites for a taste of moonlit magic – and a chance to win some great… Read more →

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