Reinstate an Expired Membership

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This demonstration has expired, please purchase a licence or uninstall the WP Symposium Pro Extensions plugin - get a valid licence code here.

Typically, if your membership has been expired for more than seven (7) days, your registration information and any content associated with your account has been removed from the site.  If so, you'll need to register from scratch.  There are occasions when this isn't the case, though, so before you go through the process of registering again, follow the instructions below.

If you're not sure if your membership has been expired for more than seven (7) days, try the following:

  •  Go to Our Members and search for your name.
    • If your name does not appear in the member database, then, unfortunately, you'll need to register as a new member and re-enter items into the catalog.  We highly encourage you to use the recurring PayPal payment method to avoid this problem in future years.  We want to make your membership in Broad Universe as simple as possible.
    • If your name appears in the database, you can reinstate your membership by going to the renew your membership page   Once we receive your payment, we'll reinstate the account so that you can access the Members-only pages of the site.