Reach Book Reviewers Through NetGalley (FAQs)

Wish you had a low-cost and easy way to reach book reviewers worldwide? Through Broad Universe you can!

Broad Universe members and non-member authors can have their books posted on NetGalley, which allows reviewers, bloggers, booksellers, and librarians to download a digital review copy. This digital distribution service mimics the legacy process of sending out ARCs, or “galleys” to reviewers. Only it’s cheaper, easier, faster, more accessible, and kinder to the planet.

For only $30 for Broad Universe members or $45 for non-members, you can have a book posted to NetGalley for a month. Once the book’s time on NetGalley is completed, you’ll receive a report with the names of reviewers who requested, downloaded, and reviewed your book, so you can track your results.

To get started, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below and then fill out the application form found here.

Disclaimer: BU reserves the right to reject any book from the NetGalley service for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?
$30 per month per book for members; $45 per month per book for non-members

How many months can I reserve?
For as many months as you wish.

How many books can I list?
As many as you like. The fees listed above are for listing 1 book for 1 month. If you want to list a book for 2 months, double the fee. If you want to list 1 book for 2 months, double the fee; if you want to list 2 books for 2 months, quadruple the fee, etc.

How do I get started?

  • Write down your ISBN.  It starts with 978- and is 13 digits in length. NetGalley requires an ISBN, and they don't accept ASINs at this time.  If you don't have an ISBN because you published your book with Amazon, you can upload your book to Smashwords or Draft to Digital.  They'll assign it an ISBN, and you can use that one for your NetGalley listing. You can remove your book from Smashwords after you have the ISBN, and you don't actually have to publish a book uploaded to Draft to Digital.
  • Fill out the application form and upload your book’s cover file, along with an UNSECURED PDF and/or UNSECURED EPUB file of the content. The preferred format is EPUB because it can be converted to MOBI, as well. Supplying an EPUB will assure that almost every reviewer on NetGalley can read your book.
  • If you have sent us an EPUB file, we will check it for errors before processing the application. If the EPUB fails, we will notify you and ask you for either a corrected EPUB or a PDF.
  • Once we verify the application and files, our NetGalley Mavens will get in touch with you to arrange for scheduling and payment.

Do you accept books only by women authors?
No. We accept books from authors of any gender, identity, or sexual orientation.

 I’m interested in becoming a member of Broad Universe, but I’m a man.
We accept men as members. We accept humans of any gender, identity, or sexual orientation.

Does my book have to be science fiction, fantasy, or horror to qualify for a listing?
NetGalley is for any and all books and authors. While we reserve the right to reject any book for any reason (usually due to offensive or illegal content), we will accept most any book by any author of any publication date. Really.

What do I have to have in order to post my book to NetGalley?
When you fill out your application to reserve a slot, you must provide us with:

  • An ISBN (see explanation above)
  • A JPG, JPEG, or PNG file of your book cover. We prefer a small file.
  • Your complete ebook in unsecured EPUB and/or unsecured PDF format.  If you're supplying an EPUB, NetGalley will convert your EPUB into a MOBI file for Kindle users.

***The preferred format is EPUB because it can be converted to MOBI. Supplying an EPUB will assure that almost every reviewer on NetGalley can read your book.

***Both EPUB and PDF formats need to be unsecured so that NetGalley can distribute them to reviewers.  They can (and at your request) lock the file after 45 days so that it is no longer accessible.  If you're unsure of what an unsecured PDF or EPUB file is, check with your publisher and/or book formatter.

***Please keep in mind that books only available in PDF receive far fewer review requests because that format is harder to read on some e-reader devices.

Do reviewers need anything special to read the digital galleys?
Any major reading device, computer, or tablet will do.

My book isn’t scheduled on NetGalley until a certain date but I see it listed as “previously on NetGalley” and that it is already archived. What’s wrong?

Nothing is wrong. We’re a small non-profit and we have a license limiting us to 10 active titles per month. We load all the new titles well in advance of their start dates. The new title is technically “active” although it cannot be downloaded by reviewers during this process. After we’ve checked all the data loaded correctly, we archive the title to insure we don’t go over our title limit. At the end of the month the expiring titles roll off our list and we recall the new titles from the archive, and open them to reviewers.

Are NetGalley users required to post a review?
No. Reviewers understand this is an exchange of a free book for an honest review, and most make an effort to post a review. However, there are many reasons why someone might not review a book. For example, booksellers and librarians generally don’t post reviews, as they evaluate titles for possible purchase. Also keep in mind there is no way to control where reviews will be posted—while some may be posted to Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads, others may be posted only to NetGalley or to the reviewer’s website.

A NetGalley reviewer posted a negative review of my book. What do I do? Can I get my money back?
Take a deep breath. We know it hurts. Call a friend, punch a pillow, rant at your cat, whatever PRIVATE action makes you feel better. In public, behave professionally. Do not respond to the reviewer or complain about the review.

Please try to keep things in perspective: negative reviews are not the end of the world. They are just one person’s opinion, and oddly enough, they can help you because they provide legitimacy to your reviews (When you see a book that only has glowing reviews, don’t you ever think to yourself, “Seriously—EVERYONE loved this book? Really?”).

If you receive a review that you feel goes beyond the bounds of what is acceptable (attacking the author personally, hate speech, etc.) then please notify the NetGalley Mavens at We have the ability to ban individual reviewers from receiving any of our books for review.

What about piracy?
You can choose to have DRM added to your galley to make it a secure file that can’t be shared. In this case, access to the file on most ereaders will expire 55 days after the title is archived on NetGalley. Titles downloaded on Kindles cannot be shared but the file will not expire.

What forms of payment are accepted?
PayPal is preferred. You can also request an invoice payable by credit card. This will delay your payment, which will delay scheduling your slot, so you may not get the month you want.

I want to coordinate NetGalley with a book release launch or blog tour. How do I do that?
The scheduler will make every effort to accommodate you, but slots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. You can reserve a slot as soon as you have the book interior and cover art files available, so please contact us early.

Can I put up an old title?
Yes. We encourage you to put up older or back list titles.

Can I get onto NetGalley on my own?
Yes, but it’s expensive, at least $399 for 6 months. Our experience suggests that most review requests happen in the first month. Being able to purchase access for a single month with Broad Universe may better suit your needs and your budget.

What results or reports will I get from NetGalley?
At the completion of your book’s time on NetGalley, you will receive two Excel reports. One will be the Title Report listing the number of download requests, the reviewer's names, types of reviewers, and company if applicable. The second is the Title Feedback spreadsheet with detailed information on the reviews posted to date: where they were posted, by whom, and reviewer information.

Is a NetGalley listing really worth the expense?
The Broad Universe NetGalley Committee keeps track of listings and their outcomes, in terms of the number of reviews and the number of times a book's listing is viewed.  You can read the latest report HERE.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?
Use the Contact Us form and select NetGalley as a subject.