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Have you read the NetGalley FAQs?

Do you have everything you need at hand--ISBN, jpg of your cover; UNSECURED epub, and/or UNSECURED pdf file of your book?  If so, you're ready to...

Fill out the application below!


ISBN (13 digits, no dashes, must begin with 978*
Book title*
Author's name (shown on book)*
Author's E-mail:*
Publisher Imprint (if any)
Suggested retail price*
Currency of retail price above (dollars, euros, GBP, etc.)*
Date published*
Description (book blurb or back cover text)*
Book format (must match ISBN above)*
Marketing Plan (Planned blog tours, book signings, etc.)
Advance Praise (reviews, awards, testimonials, etc.)
Notes (author bio and/or other information, such as other editions available & price) *
Author website
Author blog address (if different from website)
Author Goodreads
Author Facebook Page
Author Twitter Address (Should be the URL to your Twitter page: i.e.,
Author Google+ Address
Author LinkedIn Address
Author Instagram Address
Author Pinterest Address
Author Amazon Author Page
Author Platform Other
Category (first choice - reviewers selected based on this category)*
Category second choice - reviewers selected based on this category)*

You MUST UPLOAD AT LEAST ONE content file for your book.  You may submit both file types (EPUB and PDF). NetGalley prefers EPUB format and will convert it automatically to a MOBI file for reviewers who prefer Kindle format.  Do NOT upload a MOBI file.

Upload your EPUB. The file name should be your 13-DIGIT ISBN.
Upload your PDF. Your file name should be your 13-DIGIT ISBN.
Verify uploaded file names are listed above and are named with the book's 13-digit ISBN. If necessary, you can go back and upload another file.*

You MUST UPLOAD ONE cover file for your book.  You can upload a JPG, JPEG, or PNG file (at least 500 pixels and optimized for the web).  The file name should be your 13-digit ISBN.

Upload your cover file here. No file name will appear on the form (like it does for epubs and pdfs), but the file will be attached to the form you submit. *
Month to start listing:*
Current year*
Membership status*
Duration: Choose number of consecutive months for listing. I am making a payment for the following based on my membership status:*

Please note: once we confirm availability of the listing date(s) you have chosen, we will send you an e-mail with instructions for making payment. No slot will be held/assigned until payment is received, however.

Payment Method *
Payment name Provide name used on payment if different from author's name above
Reading options I want Digital Rights Management (DRM). *