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Southern Voices Book Launch Party



At Con-Gregate in High Point, NC on Friday, July 15th, three members of Broad Universe, along with other southern writers, joined together for a Book Launch Party.

Samantha Bryant, Gail Z Martin, and John G Hartness launched Change of Life, The Shadowed Path, and Quincy Harker, Year One, respectively. It was a gala event with raffle prizes and an opportunity to buy books and get them signed for fans.

Con-Gregate is a small, family-oriented convention, beloved by many in the community. This year's special guests included Steven Barnes, Lindsey Look, AJ Hartley and Valentine Wolfe.

New Release: Change of Life

Change2_Art2Change of Life, the second book in the Menopausal Superhero series releases on April 21, 2016. Early readers praise the story for its tension and truly creepy villain.

The series is the brainchild of Samantha Bryant. Bryant says, "I'm writing this series for women like me: geeky and proud, but tired of superhero stories with no grown women in them."

Winner of the Jacquis Award

Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel was awarded the Jacquis Award by Legendary Women. JacquisBanner

According to the Legendary Women website, "The Jacquis is an award nominated by feminist readers and given to feminist authors — stellar penwomen who capture the lives of women in their pages. Women of all colors, creeds and backgrounds." This is the inaugural year for the awards program.

The author, Samantha Bryant, says that she wrote the book because of her own frustration with the superhero genre. "There are so few female heroes out there, and even fewer of them with fully adult lives, including partners and careers. I wanted some heroes I could really identify with."

Details about Bryant's book and the other award winners can be found on the award announcement:

Menopause and Infertility in Fiction

Broad Universe author Samantha Bryant and fellow Curiosity Quills author Tegan Wren were hosted by Malaprops bookstore in Asheville, NC on March 9 malaprops20flyer20and20mugfor a discussion of women's issues in their fiction. The event was part of the bookstore's observation of Women's History Month.

Wren's novel, Inconceivable!, is a romance novel, centered around a royal couple with infertility issues. Bryant's novel, Going Through the Change, is a superhero story, where are the heroes are women going through menopause. Infertility and Menopause are taboo subjects for a lot of society, and Wren and Bryant are proud to bring these issues into the light through their fiction.

The Indomitable Ten, Now Up for Pre-Order!

cover1000The Indomitable Ten: A Superhero/Supervillain Novella Anthology is now available for preorder at . With a release date of March 5, 2016, the anthology features Friend or Foe, a new novella from Broad Universe member Samantha Bryant, alongside other luminaries of the superhero novel world.

Friend or Foe picks up the Menopausal Heroes series with the aftermath of the book-ending battle from Change of Life: A Menopausal Superhero Novel, allowing readers a chance to find out what happened between books (Change of Life will be released April 20, 2016).