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Revision is a Process – Released

Nothing gives a writer a life-high like finishing the first draft of a story — and nothing frustrates a writer more than having to revise and edit that draft. Whether writing short stories or novels, "Revision Is A Process - How to Take the Frustration Out of Self-editing" offers a 12-step guide to simplifying self-editing. Written by author, writing instructor, and workshop speaker Catherine E. McLean, this 122 page guidebook contains secrets, tips, shortcuts, practical advice, and "cheat sheets" for examining, revising, and polishing genre fiction. Available May 1, 2017, at - (Read the Table of Contents and excerpts at

Online Writing Course

Go from just a writer to a great storyteller when you know the power of Cause & Effect Sequences. This little known aspect of writing has a huge impact on readers. This course was last given in 2013 and may not be given again until 2020. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your writing and storytelling.